Qatar Commercial & Industrial Directory

Next release : October 2015


• Official listing of all registered businesses with the Chamber of Commerce & Industry
• Annual directory published in English and Arabic
• Most trusted and comprehensive source for commercial and industrial information in Qatar
• Relevant sourcing book to establish new projects and partnerships distributed to all registered businesses in Qatar


• Structured alphabetical and industry classified company listings
• Up-to-date and trustworthy details on company address, fax and telephone numbers
•Detailed trade, legal and government information to ease business development
• Extra search features and services available online - - and on CD

Benefits for advertisers

• Increase your visibility towards the entire business community in Qatar
•The Qatar Commercial & Industrial Directory is your best B2B media opportunity, guaranteeing a very good return-on-investment and tangible results

Ads Opportunities

Through the advertising opportunities available in the Qatar Chamber of Commerce & Industry Directory, you and your company can maintain visibility within the entire business community locally. Advertisement options are available through print and CD opportunities:
• Premium Pages: Double spread, bookmark, divider, glossy full page
• Cover & Spine: Gatefold, front cover, inside front cover, spine
• Special Positions: Footer, index panel
• Classified Pages: Full Page, 3/4 page, 1/2 page, 3/8 page, 1/4 page, 1/8 page, column, semi display, super bold listing
• Alphabetical Section: Highlighted super bold with logo, bold listing
• Packages: Alphabetical section, classified section
*Additional options available

Target Market



  • Print


A maximum visibility amongst all commercial and industrial businesses in Qatar:
• 50% All members of Qatar Chamber of Commerce & Industry
• 25% Ministries
• 13% Government Departments
• 7% Oversease/Foreign Trade Chambers
• 5% Embassies
• 3% Exhibitions held in Qatar